Faster Hair Growth Tips for Men

Do you wish your hair grew faster than it does? Well, believe it or not, your dreams may come true! We know a lot more about what impacts hair growth these days. There are hundreds of random habits that you don’t even realize are slowing your hair growth.

We’re not talking about how to stop your hair from falling out at the moment. That’s a topic for another day. Instead, we’ll discuss some simple tips for how you can get your hair to grow a bit faster.

Read on if you would like to grow out your hair in a shorter time than you used to!

#1 – Healthy Diet

A healthy body works more efficiently than a weak body. If you tend to over-eat and consume foods that aren’t good for you, your body systems will be affected. Your hair growth is no different. As your body gets weaker, your heart will find it more and more difficult to get enough blood and oxygen through your body.

When this occurs, your hair will likely grow a lot slower. Your brain will determine that hair growth is less important than other functions in your body that keep you alive.

If your body is healthy, then your heart will be able to work efficiently enough to perform all of the actions

#2 – Keep Your Scalp Warm

If your scalp gets too cold, it can also slow the blood flow near your hair follicles. As we already mentioned, slowing the blood flow in your head will also slow the growth of your hair.

When you go outside during cool weather, make sure you cover your head with a warm hat.

At the very least, make sure to wear warm clothes so that your internal body temperature doesn’t decrease.

You should also avoid showering or swimming in cold water. The cold water will have a significant effect on your hair growth. Not only that, but sudden temperature changes are not good for your health, in general. You could get quite sick if that keeps happening.

Protect your health and your hair at the same time!

#3 – Use Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner benefits your hair in so many ways. Regular shampoo is good for your hair, but it shouldn’t be used too often. Twice a week is often enough to shampoo your hair.

Hair conditioner is less specific as the effects don’t damage your hair from overuse.

Shampoo can dry out your hair roots which may cause trouble down the line. Hair conditioner, on the other hand, is designed to improve the strength of your hair strands and keep them from drying out.

We would still recommend not using conditioner on a daily basis, but even three or four times a week is okay. Make sure you use warm water to rinse the conditioner out of your hair properly, as well as avoid making your scalp too cold. (Just to clarify, you shouldn’t use really hot water either. Temperature changes, either hot or cold are bad for your health.)

#4 – Keep Your Body in Shape

While this tip tends to fall under the same idea as having a healthy diet, you really do need both. A thin body is not a healthy body. Exercise is as important, if not even more important, than eating the right foods.

When you exercise, you gain muscle all through your body. Not only does it improve your physical strength and the shape of your outer frame, but it also improves your organs, bones, and many other internal qualities.

Naturally, being fit and strengthening your body both inside and out also improves how your bodily functions perform. Your heart will have little to no trouble keeping everything in order, including producing hair at a fast, balanced rate!

#5 – Sleep Regularly

If anything is going to throw off your body’s normal functions, it is an irregular sleeping cycle. There are days when you can’t avoid needing to stay up a little bit late and that’s fine.

However, you do need to have a designated sleep and wake cycle.

Your sleep and wake cycle doesn’t have to be at a particular time, such as 10 pm to 6 am. If you work late hours, you can even set it to 1 am to 9 am. The important thing is that you go to sleep at around the same time every day and wake up at about the same time. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep, depending on how in shape you are. (Fit people tend to require less sleep)

These are just a few tips to get your hair growing faster. There are hundreds of things that you can do that will improve your hair growth. However, the primary tip you can take from this is that the healthier your body is, the better everything works, including hair production!

What are the Reasons for Slow Hair Growth?

There are tons of different factors that can cause slow hair growth. We may not realize it at first, but it is quite easy to avoid most of these troubles if we know what they are.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five factors that slow hair growth. While there are hundreds of different factors, these five are some of the more common ones. You will likely have at least one, if not more of these active in your life.

If you would like to know some of the more common reasons for slow hair growth and hopefully deal with them, if possible, then read on!

Unbalanced Hair Cycles

Your hair goes through cycles. This three-part cycle always happens in the same order.

However, sometimes the length of time between each section gets muddled up. Here are the basic meanings of each section:

·         Anagen (Growing Hair Phase)

·         Catagen (Renewing Hair Phase)

·         Telogen (Hair Loss Phase)

Your hair follicles start out in the Anagen phase, move into the catagen phase, then end in the Telogen phase. After the Telogen phase has completed, the hair follicle will again begin at the Anagen phase and start growing a new hair strand.

Your hair follicles are rarely in sync with one another. Some of them will be in the Anagen phase while others may be in the Telogen phase. This is good because if they were in sync, we would all go bald every once in a while!

The problem with this is that some people have a genetic disability. Your hair cycle is dependent on your genes as much as it is your health. Some families tend to have a genetic lean toward the Telogen cycle, meaning their hair follicles remain in this phase longer than most other people.

When this happens, you’ll find yourself with bald spots every now and then, until eventually, those hair follicles start dying and the bald spot never goes away!

Unfortunately, this is one of the factors that can’t be corrected fully. However, if you do have this problem, you can try to hide it by growing out the hair that is in the Anagen and Catagen phases and combing it over the missing hair.

Sudden Temperature Changes

Whether your scalp suddenly gets hotter or colder, the effect is essentially the same. It messes up your hair follicles and slows your blood flow rate down. The result of this change is that your hair follicles will slow down the hair production process.

Should you expose your scalp to sudden temperature changes too often, you may find yourself balding at an early age. Eventually, the hair follicles will give in, one by one, and die off. When a hair follicle dies, that particular hair strand is gone for good!

Too Much Sugar in Your Diet

Too much sugar has interesting effects on your bloodstream. In this case, it secretes a particular hormone that causes your hair follicles to shrink. Eventually, the hair follicle shrinks to the point where it falls out of your hair follicle altogether.

While eating too much sugar won’t kill your hair follicles and cause permanent baldness, it can and will give you temporary bald spots. These bald spots will remain there until you balance the sugar levels in your system. (Essentially by cutting out many of the sugary foods that you must be eating)

Stressing Out

If you stress yourself out on a daily basis, your brain will tell your hair follicles to stop working. The stress also tends to make your hair fall out completely. (Or some of the hair strands, at least)

If you have bald spots or slow hair growth because of stress, it is only temporary. As soon as you remove the stressful factor from your life that is causing you to feel this way, your hair follicles will begin working again. Eventually, your bald spots will get covered in hair again.


Water is essential to your entire existence. Without an adequate supply of water, all of your bodily processes will slow down.

There’s a reason why we can survive without food for 35-40 days, but we can only survive 3 days without water. While the idea that we all need 8 glasses of water each day is inaccurate, you should still be sure to drink water every few hours to keep yourself hydrated. A dehydrated body creates a huge number of problems.

Your hair growth will slow right down if you don’t have enough water. The dehydrated brain will determine that hair growth is far less important than many other body functions. Because of this, your hair will grow incredibly slowly until you start hydrating regularly.

These are five of the many reasons for slow hair growth. If you notice any of these matching your current situation, try to work around them and see if your hair starts to grow faster. Good luck!